• STRATEGIC PLANNING your marketing process means you’ll save time, money and avoid hit-and-miss results.

    STRATEGIC PLANNING your marketing process means you’ll save time, money and avoid hit-and-miss results.


Paid for advertising with no results, have a website but no one is visiting? Create can give you the tools to think creatively and turn those creative ideas into strategic actions.

Many businesses ‘wing-it’ and make the mistake of approaching their marketing on a trial and error basis. We get that in our time poor ever-changing environment this is the easiest approach. But like most things in business, you need a strategic approach and a consistent effort to get results.

Work with me to set a plan of attack for your marketing actions to drive sales and actually achieve a positive return on investment for your business!

Strategic Marketing Plan

This is a specialty for Create. Drawing on experience and extensive research, a plan can be developed to give you a practical roadmap for the future.

Strategic planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a business should become and the steps needed to achieve that goal. Create will assess your full potential and link objectives to the actions plus the resources required to achieve them.


We approach the development of a strategy in a systematic manner, with extensive research, and most importantly in collaboration with you! Each strategy is unique, that said, our approach will include:

  • SWOT + Position Analysis – the success of any strategy hinges on a complete understanding of the current situation. The position analysis assesses your current marketing activities, how you are performing against your competition and industry demand generators. As part of this process, we recommend Research and BrainStorming.
  • USP: what makes you special and unique? We will establish your unique selling attributes and how they can be capitalised on.
  • Target Markets – who is your ‘ideal’ customer and how to attract and retain them?
  • Vision, Goals + Objectives – where do you want to be short and long term? What do you want to achieve i.e. 15 per cent increase in sales? We will outline your vision and specific marketing objectives that support your goals, ultimately increasing awareness and driving sales.
  • Brand + Key Messages – we will review all aspects of your brand and establish brand pillars along with key messages to gain consumer attention.
  • Product Assessment + Development – this will provide tactics to review and enhance your product offering, the consumer experience and your competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Action Plan – you will be provided with a detailed document with clear and easy to understand actions, tactics (such as advertising, digital and social media, brochures etc), budget and timing.
  • Monitoring + Evaluation – determining if it worked with key performance indicators, targets, and monitoring methodology for each marketing initiative. A plan should be flexible and able to adapt to evaluation results.

Our strategic plans don’t sit on a shelf and gather dust. It will provide immediate actions that will attain short to mid-term results, and a one-to-three year strategic direction to grow your customer base and achieve long-term lasting results.

Marketing Communications Brief

Not wanting a full communication strategy? We also offer a one-page brief – it is not as detailed but will point you in the right direction.

A review of your marketing activities will allow us to find immediate, practical improvements to produce short to mid-term results. Often simple changes can deliver a better ROI.


Cost: Plans are charged per project upon consultation and agreement with you. This can range anywhere from $600+gst (for a very basic plan) to $9000+gst (for a fully developed strategic marketing plan and supporting documents); costs depend on the requirements and complexity of the plan. For general information on costs check out Marketing Consulting + Cost.