Logan Wines nail branding and Instagram
Logan Wines nail branding and Instagram

Mudgee is home to some amazing creative tourism talent, including one of my favourite rural accommodation properties Trelawney Farm (review coming soon), but another shining star is Logan Wines.

A family-owned/operated winery, Logan Wines is powered by husband and wife team Peter and Hannah Logan. With Peter as Chief Winemaker and Hannah the General Manager, they have racked up numerous awards including Gourmet Traveller’s 2012 Best Cellar Door  Experience, outclassing more than 1700 cellar doors in Australia, and last year the NSW award for GT’s Best Tasting Experience.

We must say, we love so much about Logan Wines and not just their wine. They nail branding!

Hannah is a lady with style and her previous career in media and advertising is clearly evident. She is the driving force behind their brand, directing everything from Logan’s distinctive labels, crisp staff uniforms to the interior design of their Tasting Room (aka cellar door).

Working initially with War Design, Hannah has created a brand that is innovative, quirky and elegant.



Like most wineries, Logan offers a number of ranges to cater for different price brackets and wine styles. Each has its own, highly unique style. From first glance, you would never imagine how they would all work together as a ‘family of wines’, but they do. This is a true indication of someone with enormous creativity!



No branding opportunity is missed, wine barrels included. Yellow chairs make the area pop!


Showstopping event styling that not only catches the eye and is fun at heart; it also continually relates back to the ‘flowery’ brand.

Many wineries have embraced Instagram. Logan is one of the few to do it with the same flair and expertise as some of social media’s leading fashion, interior design and photography gurus. Their images are stunning and carefully styled to flaunt the Logan brand.

A bouquet of flowers perfectly reflects the Logan Range label and ensures the image jumps of the page.



So inviting, you just want to grab the bottle out of the bucket (through your phone!)

A white background with a marble finish highlights Logan’s famous cheese platter perfectly and promotes a certain level of sophistication. The strategically placed drink coaster subtly promotes the brand and company website.

Logan bird
Great Instagram posts make you smile. You cannot be anything but amused by this cheeky bird on a wire that brings to life their Weemala range of wines.

logan wine on tiles

Elegant champagne glasses jump off a white background. The label peaks through the picture; it’s enough to show off the bottle but still leave viewers wanting more. The wrapper, not only sneakily reinforces the brand, but also ensures the image is not too formal or untouchable.

Once again, a strategically placed brochure tactfully promotes Logan Wines without taking away from the stunning view.

The  cellar door features an incredible glass-walled gallery that captures stunning views over Apple Tree Flat.

And finally, the brand guru Hannah, in front of Logan branded crates – of course!


For further information check out Logan Wines website and follow @logan_wines on Instagram.
Images: War Design and Logan Wines


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