It can be hard to find valuable and practical marketing advice at an affordable price.

At Create, our marketing consultancy service provides you with a cost-effective solution for accessing marketing expertise and support, when you need it most.


Project Costs

Marketing services and project pricing is dependent on the level of assistance and complexity you require but generally start at $65 per hour (+ GST). Each project will be quoted and agreed upon in terms of pricing, allocated hours and delivery before commencement.


Need Ongoing Marketing Support?

Whether you are looking for new creative ideas, a professional second opinion, or perhaps you want to understand your competitive environment or develop tools for easy to use online marketing initiatives, Create can work with you on an hourly basis to achieve your objectives, within budget.

Contracting a marketing consultant means as the client you gain the benefits of obtaining specialised services and expertise at the fraction of the cost of a paid employee. You can get the specific services you need, when and how often suits you, such as on a weekly or monthly basis.

Cost: If you choose to work with me on a continuing basis, monthly retainers are rewarded with lower hourly rates and will be negotiated based on the duration of the contact. Referral discounts are also offered.