Successful businesses consist of people who can think strategically, quickly and creatively.

Create provides the training that will equip you with a solid understanding of how to best market your business or destination and the tools to do it.

For those businesses that have staff, let’s train them! They are a fabulous resource that can contribute significantly to your marketing goals and drive your brand. Investing in training not only helps you “in-source” marketing expertise; it empowers staff and helps them understand the importance of marketing to your business’ bottom line.


Training + Workshops

For training programs to be a success, they must strike a chord with those on the front line by being fresh, fun and insightful.

Create offers a range of personalised training options. Training can range from a one-hour session to a full day workshop. In addition, if you use Create for any of the above services, we will coach you along the way so in the future so you have the option to do it yourself.


  • Dealing with the media – interview and presentation skills so you are well prepared to deliver your business’ key message, handle media questions and present the best possible image to the public
  • How to write a media release and get results
  • Marketing on a shoestring – a focus on free or low-budget marketing and PR options
  • Get your business profiled in the media – how to approach journalists and get articles into publications and magazines
  • Crisis communication and issues management
  • Marketing 101 – creating and implementing a communication plan
  • How to create a blog and its SEO benefits
  • Driving sales from your social media profile and tips for using Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and more.
  • Marketing in the tourism industry
  • Brand building – from your shop-front, staff presentation to communication activities.


Mentoring + Coaching

If you have the resources or need to undertake most of your marketing yourself you may like to talk to an expert from time to time to get a different perspective, fresh ideas or to check if you are on the right track! Marketing mentoring or coaching is available one-on-one with a marketing consultant (either in person, online or over the phone).


Cost: Training and workshop costs vary depending on the length, number of attendees and venue requirements. Personalised one-on-one training costs are based on an hourly rate. If training services are required outside the Southern Downs region, travel costs may apply.