• PR has Power! It’s one of the strongest tactics you can use to influence consumers

    PR has Power! It’s one of the strongest tactics you can use to influence consumers


PR has Power! It’s one of the strongest tactics you can use to influence consumers, and more importantly, is often the most cost-effective option. Consumers ‘believe’ editorial more than advertising, and the value per column/cm of media space for editorial is valued 3x the equivalent space of paid advertising space.

Create specialises in leveraging high-impact media exposure for clients.  We also understand the importance of the growing ‘influencer’ market such as key personalities in the industry, bloggers and more.

We develop strategic PR campaign plans that can enhance the profile of your business and build your brand, image and reputation. Campaigns plans can raise awareness of imminent events and activities but ultimately focus on building a long-term, positive relationship with your customer.

Plans are developed specifically for your needs and may include activities such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Media/key influencer identification + database development
  • Media releases + newsletters for trade + consumers
  • Key message development, story pitches, editorial + article creation
  • Media kits
  • Coordinated interviews + press briefings
  • Media stunts, conferences + events
  • Media familiarisation tours + hosting visiting media such as TV crews
  • Speaking + presentation opportunities, trade nights, product launches + promotions
  • Competitions
  • Celebrity endorsement, brand partnerships + sponsorship
  • Lobbying of stakeholders
  • Crisis management
  • Media evaluation + ROI calculations.

Familiarisation Trips 

Familiarisation trips bring first-hand experiences to the industry players responsible for promoting and selling your business. Create is able to leverage strong relationships with travel trade, media and other key partners to secure the most influential participation in famil visits.

We mould itineraries to meet the needs of your market, creating unforgettable experiences that influencers want to share, promote and sell.


Advocacy + Celebrity Endorsement

Advocacy is an extremely powerful tool to engage media and target audiences. Create can proactively secure and leverage high-profile Australian identities to promote the key messages of your business.


Issues, Crisis + Recovery Management

A crisis or negative issue can make or break a business. Create has the expertise to effectively manage the communication aspects of any situation through all stages – from the onset through to the recovery. We can also work with you to develop a strategic issues management plan to ensure you are prepared should an issue arises.


Cost: all public relations and media services costs are quoted on an individual basis. PR services are also available on a daily, weekly or monthly (retainer) basis. Check out Marketing Consulting + Cost.